2021 OAK Conference Jan 26 – 30

Two Workshops on Grazing

Grazing Management from the Plants Perspective

What do the plants in your pastures need so they can thrive, and become more productive and higher quality over time? How can we use higher or lower stocking densities, taller or shorter pre-grazing heights and decisions on how long to leave livestock in the paddock and how short to let them graze it as tools to improve pastures so we can avoid expensive inputs and reseeding? This session will look at the practical application of basic guidelines of good grazing management and pasture ecosystem monitoring, based on plant physiology and soil health.

Grazing Management from the Livestock Perspective

What are the nutritional and behavioral needs of cows, sheep, and goats? How can we use that knowledge to design grazing systems which make it easier to maximize pasture intake by the herd or flock? What are the acreage needs for the herd or flock, and how do different pre-grazing heights and post grazing residuals change the quantity and nutritional quality of what livestock are able to graze? In this session, we’ll look at photos of both pastures and livestock and review monitoring methods, so we are able to be sure our grazing systems are working to meet needs of BOTH the plants and the livestock.  https://www.oak-ky.org/conference-agenda