About Sarah Flack

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Sarah Flack is an author and consultant specializing in providing practical information on grass based and organic livestock production to farmers, organizations, institutions and individuals. She has a diverse background in sustainable agriculture, which includes both on-farm and academic experience. She is nationally known for her public speaking, workshops, books and numerous articles on a range of agricultural topics.

Sarah teaches workshops, writes articles and fact sheets and has produced videos and webinars. She is the author of The Art and Science of Grazing, Organic Dairy Production, co-author of A Farmers Guide to Grass Fed Dairy Production, co-author of Grass Fed Beef Profitability: Lessons and Budgets, and wrote the chapter on grazing management in The Organic Dairy Handbook – a comprehensive guide for the transition and beyond. She is also a co-author of Transitioning to Organic Dairy – a self assessment workbook, as well as many articles grass based and organic farming systems.

Sarah’s approach in her consulting, writing and teaching is to empower farmers to create their own individualized management systems that can work successfully for them, their farm and family goals. In this practical and comprehensive approach to farm management, the planning and design process always include consideration of livestock wellbeing, plants, soils, water quality, farm labor, farm profitability and farm family goal.

Her focus is on helping to create more farms with good organic and grass based management systems, which allow farmers to create positive change in their landscapes, livestock, check book and farm family quality of life. She has worked with dairy, beef, sheep, goat and poultry farms, and is experienced with both organic and non-organic farming systems.

Sarah has a unique approach, which is based on what she learned while consulting, teaching and writing on the topic since the early 90’s. She grew up on a family farm in Vermont, which used high stock density management intensive grazing (MIG) to successfully improve the productivity and ecological health of the land and livestock. She later studied Holistic Planned Grazing as well as the science behind pasture management in graduate school.

Sarah received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Agriculture and Biology and Masters of Science in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont. She also has post graduate training in subjects including organic and biodynamic certification, business management, Holistic Management and organic production practices including: soil fertility, health care of livestock, animal welfare, and medicinal herbs. In addition to academic training, her farming experience includes management of both organic and non-organic dairy, sheep, beef, pastured poultry, and pigs.

When she is not traveling, Sarah lives in northern Vermont on her off-grid (photovoltaic) small farm. Sarah is grateful to live in a community which values great locally grown food and where she can be surrounded by cows grazing on beautiful pastures.