Grass Based Livestock Management – a full day event in Newport Rhode Island

In this all-day workshop we will cover what you need to know to set up a new grazing system, or troubleshoot and improve an existing one.  We start the day from the perspective of pasture plants, and then shift to look at grazing from the perspective of the livestock.  This will provide a solid understanding of how to meet the needs of the plants and livestock so that both can thrive.

Topics will include how to use the “Graziers Toolbox” including varied stock densities, trampling and different regrowth periods, pre & post grazing heights to use livestock to improve the pastures.  We will cover “Pasture Pitfalls” as we look at common problems and how to identify the cause and come up with low cost solutions.

We will do the “Pasture Math” to calculate paddock sizes, acreage needs and stocking rates.  We will look at how to maximize pasture intake for the livestock to lower feed costs and improve livestock wellbeing and productivity.

We will use photos and real farm examples of pastures and livestock as we then learn how to observe and monitor so that we can better understand if our grazing systems are working the way we want them to, and what we can do to make them better.