Matching livestock numbers to land base to increase farm income

This workshop will be held on a farm in Dartmouth MA from 1:30 to 5:00 on August 17th.  The first part of this session will include a farm visit and discussion of land base assessment. We’ll review how different grazing management methods can increase, or decrease the number of acres needed for the herd. We’ll review how to size paddocks, calculate stocking density and stocking rate and how that helps determine what the ideal herd size is for your farm. Then we will look at how to tie that information into cash flow projections and business planning. We will look at how setting different pasture dry matter intake goals or adjusting the type of grazing system can change how many animals the farm can support, and what the cost of production will be.

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There will be a full day grazing school on another farm on the next day, August 18th!