Vermont Grazing & Livestock Virtual Conference January 14-16 2021

Grazing Fundamentals with Sarah Flack

Whether you are in the early years of grazing or you’re fine tuning your skills, it is always useful to spend some time with grazing expert Sarah Flack! This year you’ll get to view three pre-recorded webinars of Sarah’s (courtesy of FACT – Food Animal Concerns Trust)before attending a LIVE Question and Answer session with fellow graziers. During the Q&A session, you will get a chance to enter your questions in a pool with other farmer questions and Sarah will take on the highest rated questions; you all get to rate the questions – isn’t technology cool!


Added Note: Things are a little different this year and that offers us unique opportunities. Instead of rushing through grazing fundamentals in an hour workshop – you get access to over 3 hours of Sarah’s knowledge (on your own time). Then, we’ll spend our time with her digging deep into your questions. We ask that you view the three pre-recorded videos on your own time, just make sure it is before the Q&A session on Saturday.