Webinar – Verifying compliance to NOP Pasture Rule

This essential session for the livestock Inspector or reviewer will prepare participants to verify compliance with the NOP Pasture Rule. The Presenter is Sarah Flack of Vermont. The course includes pre-course reading assignments. It is geared for Inspectors with an understanding of livestock Inspection. The session will review the new regulations and provide Inspection tools and guidance to verify them. Topics include basic grazing management; an overview of the various common grazing systems for ruminants; factors that cause pasture Dry Matter Intake (DMI) to go up or down; methods for determining Dry Matter Demand (DMD); and an introduction to making qualitative assessment of pasture. The course focuses primarily on cattle dairy operations but also includes information for beef, sheep, and goats. Participants will see examples of DMI calculations and work sample exercises. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have the opportunity to complete an additional assignment to qualify for a Certificate of Completion. www.ioia.net