Workshops in Petersham MA including 1.) Graziers Toolbox and 2.) Preventing Pasture Pitfalls at the 2017 Women in Meat Conference

I’ll be teaching at least 2 workshops at the 2017 Women In Meat Conference  in Massachusetts including the Graziers Toolbox, which will include discussion of how different stocking rates, stock densities, trampling, variable length regrowth or recovery periods, the use of shorter or taller pre grazing heights and the amount of residual pasture left behind effects the animals, soils and plants. By better understanding, and using these “graziers tools” we can change the pasture plant species composition, pasture productivity & quality, soil health, and livestock performance.  Preventing Pasture Pitfalls will include honing our observation skills to assess what the plants and animals are telling us about their health. This workshop will review the key grazing principles that help pastures improve, cattle maximize pasture dry matter intake and how to avoid a whole list of potential problems. We will discuss ideas on how to observe livestock, manure, soils and plants to determine how well your pasture management system is working.   Then we will talk about creative ways that we can adjust the grazing system to improve the well-being of the livestock and increase pasture quality and productivity.